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These are just a few of the answers which the Soulmate Predictor revolutionary numeric astrology process easily answers with infallible accuracy.

This video covers some basic information about the Soulmate Predictor software.

Although its roots are in western astrology, Soulmate Predictor's operating principle allows it to be far more precise and accurate than traditional astrology, numerology, the tarot, and even the best love psychics. It's compatibility readings can be fully and easily understood at a single glance – or you can dig deeper into each of the numbers to learn more about the relationship.

The software's very extensive help file contains descriptive screen shots and step-by-step how-to instructions and explanations about every aspect of the program.

Using Soulmate Predictor

Soulmate Predictor is nothing more than an extremely complex math formula. This means that it's results are always 100% spreadsheet-accurate every time.

Input Form

The Input Form

The cells in any Table or Grid in the program can be clicked on to see a pop-up message with more information about that cell or row.

Its accuracy can be instantly verified by merely comparing yourself with the people you've closely known or interacted with for an extended amount of time – hopefully many years of living under the same roof. Parents, siblings, (ex-)spouses, children, and other close relatives would be ideal. Verifications with those people with whom you have a long history of not getting along with allows you to know that since the calculations are correct for your family members and people you know best, that they're correct for EVERY comparison.

Potential for Attraction and LAFSAD tables

The Potential for Attraction and LAF/SAD tables

Nearly always, "The larger the Potential for Compatibility (PFC) value, and the smaller the Strife values, the better" is all you need to know in order to determine compatibility. The Soulmate score allows the ranking of overall compatibility between several different people.... for example, to quickly rank your own compatibility with dozens of new classmates (or fellow party-goers, or conference attendees, etc.).

Because math formulas operate on the GIGO (garbage in, garbage out) principle, unless accurate birth times for both people are known, it's impossible for the calculations to be anything more than some answer within a range of possibilities. Knowing your own birth time is more important than knowing the other person's. Even if both parties' birth times are unknown, the accuracy is enough upon which to base life-altering decisions (such as whether to enter a long-term relationship). NOTE: In the background, the program's calculations are all performed to at least 12 decimals points.

Help files

Understanding the program's operation is extremely simple: "Bigger numbers are better everywhere they appear.... except for the Strife, Antagonism, and Disagreement factors."

But because you'll want to dig much deeper into the wealth of information about every aspect of the relationship, Soulmate Predictor provides a very detailed, 130+ chapter Help file filled with step-by-step instructions and tips along with helpful reference screenshots.

Help file

The Help file

Throughout the program, cells in the tables can be clicked on for helpful popup messages.

Input Form

The Input Form (with a help popup)

Compatibility Summary Report

One of the Quick Help screens

Grids and Graph forms

Soulmate Predictor's information can be expressed in both grid and graph formats. The four types of grids are designed to fit a great deal of information into a small space.

One of the uses of the Compatibility Grid (below) is find your life-long compatibility within a span of given dates (or astrological signs). This is very useful for any new person you meet and this is all the information you know about them.... or on the best dating sites (such as PlentyOfFish.com) which display their member's age and zodiac sign on their personal profile.

Compatibility Grid

The Compatibility Grid (left side)

The Most Compatible Dates grid (below) allows you to discover the birth dates and times (within your chosen span of years) which are most compatible with your own birth information. This feature is the world's ONLY possible method to allow you to know when ALL of your true loves and soulmates were born.

Most Compatible Dates Grid

The Most Compatible Dates Grid (left side)

Soulmate Predictor has a built-in graph form, or Microsoft Excel can import the saved grid information and manipulate and graphically express it in dozens of very informative ways. This can be very enlightening for anyone who is very deep into researching patterns of human compatibility.

Compatibility Graph

The Compatibility Graph

The types of Excel spreadsheets

Examples of how Excel's graph formats can express any grid's information

The All vs One grid (below) details any person's life-long compatibility with any group of people. This allows you to know for example, which of your classmates or coworkers are most compatible and least compatible with you.

All vs One grid

The All vs One grid (left side)

The All vs All grid (below) details a group of people's compatibility with each other (such as your school mates or co-workers or all party attendees) allowing you to know which ones are most and least compatible with each other.

All vs All grid

The All vs All grid (left side)

The Summary Report feature (below) allows you to dig deeper into a relationship's reasons for compatibility and incompatibility. The advice gained here can help navigate the most challenging aspects of an existing relationship or learn the reasons why you should avoid entering into an impending relationship.

Romantic Summary Report

The Summary Report

Clicking a cell in any table pops up a personalized text description of what that cell means. The nature of the Soulmate Predictor process is that its numbers will always be countless times more useful than any amount of text interpretations.

Astrological interpretation

A compatibility interpretation pop-up for the Summary Report

Filter and Find Best Cities forms

The Filter Form controls the information displayed in the Most Compatible Dates grid and allows you to find those birth dates (down to the hour and minute) which are most compatible with your own. You can adjust the setting to find any degree of compatibility you wish in any area of the relationship. The Find Birth Cities form allows you to search anywhere in the USA or world for where your most compatible person (i.e. your soulmate) was born.

The laws of physics dictate that there is no other possible method of physically locating your bonafide true loves and soulmates.

Find Most Compatible zodiac signs

The Filter form

Find Birth City form

The Find Birth City form

Atlas and Adjust tables form

The program's Atlas database contains 127,403 locations from the USA and around the world covering every town, city and village (including locations which no longer exist such as old west ghost towns).

The Adjust tables form allows you to quickly scroll the compatibility information forward or backward through time to search for most compatible birth times, rectify birth times, or help determine compatibility with those people whose birth time is not known. You can auto-scroll forward or backward through them at whatever speed you select:

Astrology atlas

The Atlas form

Adjust astrology tables

The Adjust Tables form

Options form

The Options allows you to pre-set the program's primary settings. One feature allows you to customize the program's color scheme (and reset it back to the default colors). Another allows you to reset the Cumulative Values grid.

Options From

The Options form

The compatibility bell curve

The overwhelming number of comparisons will fall towards the center of the bell curve of compatibility. But the people you're highly harmonious with, and those with whom you have a lot of natural discord, will stick out and have noticeably higher or lower numbers (especially the PFC and Strife values) corresponding to their distance from the bell curve's center.

Love Bell Curve

The bell curve of human compatibility

The first chapters of the Soulmate Predictor help file (especially the "All You Need to Know" chapter) will help get your "sea legs" with the program's unique (yet simple) operation.

Operating system: Windows 95, 98, XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 8, Win 10
Requirements: Internet connection to install (but not required after installation)

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