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The Soulmate Predictor software's revolutionary numeric method is mankind's ONLY method of knowing your EXACT amount of true love and soulmate potential with absolute, infallible accuracy. No synastry chart wheel, quiz, test or love or relationship report can come close to matching its unique abilities.

Need serious relationship advice?

Whether it's about a friend, BFF, boyfriend, girlfriend, lover, marital or business partner – doesn't matter if they're old or young, straight, gay or bi – everyone needs reliable relationship advice at some point in life.

Relationship counselor

Hoping to determine your long-term platonic or romantic compatibility using ANY kind of quiz, test or questionnaire is the most inaccurate possible advice you can get!

Some of the most asked relationship questions are, "Are we compatible enough to get (or stay) together?" or "Is what we have actually true love?" or "Does he (or she) love me?"

Soulmate Predictor is the ONLY possible way – scientific or otherwise – to answer those questions and more. If you're wondering, "Exactly how close (or far) are we from being true soulmates?" – this software is absolutely the ONLY way to find out.

Comparing Soulmate Predictor

Love question

There are four ways to get bad advice...

  1. Ask friends and family for relationship advice. If this helped or they were available, you wouldn't be here.

  2. Take some worthless online "love test" or "compatibility test." If they worked you wouldn't be here.

  3. Pay $25-$100+ for a useless astrological synastry or relationship compatibility text report. They are worthless or you wouldn't be here.

  4. Pay a professional relationship psychic or astrologer $125-$400+ per hour for a telephone reading. An inconvenience even if you were rich.

... And one way to get good advice:

  1. Get Soulmate Predictor and click a button to get unlimited, mathematically accurate compatibility reports 24 hours a day.... 365 days a year FOREVER. The principles upon which it operates dictate that it is several times more precise than even a professional human astrologer.

    • Like astrology, Soulmate Predictor operates solely on birth information.... birth day, birth time and birth place. This makes it both very easy and very fast. With a mouse click you'll know how well you and anyone on the planet will get along in any kind of long-term, closely interacting platonic or romantic relationship.
    • The software has no long and boring pages of confusing and contradictory text reports to wade through. Your EXACT amount of life-long compatibility with anyone can be determined at a glance.... and this information can be drilled down for even more details.
    • No method which isn't able to measure a relationship's all-important Potential for Compatibility – how closely you'll be on the "same wavelength" – and Strife factors (know how much you'll disagree and fight) can possibly be accurate. Both of these factors are present and unchanging for life. Soulmate Predictor is the only method which CAN account for and measure these two factors (and many more).
    • The ideal relationship is one in which BOTH people's personalities are equally compatible with each other. Unequal compatibility is the cause of MOST relationship problems. Soulmate Predictor is the only method able to measure and predict AND HELP YOU FIND those people who are equally compatible with you.
    • The ONLY thing it can measure and predict is life-long compatibility.... and it does it with infallible precision.... EVERY time.
    • By keeping all of the information in digital format (i.e. numbers) rather than analog format (chart wheels and words) a massive amount of information can be condensed into a very small space. Compared to traditional astrology, Soulmate Predictor is able to take in far more personality factors which results in much more accurate output.

Soulmate Predictor software is the world's best relationship and marriage advisor. You'll immediately know if an on-going relationship or pending marriage is fated for failure and avoid wasting time, emotions, and money on something which can never work out. You'll know if you'll eventually grow apart and how much you'll fight.

Why a human may not give the best advice

Sadly, the very best relationship advice from even the most wise and experienced friend or family member is nothing more than their well-intentioned personal opinions.

First reason for bad relationship advice

Second reason for bad relationship advice

Third reason for bad relationship advice

Fourth reason for bad relationship advice

Fifth reason for bad relationship advice

Facts about online "love advice" tests

Bad tests

They were written by humans no more qualified about human compatibility than you are. Rather than be a reliable relationship assessment, their intent is to entertain and to drive traffic to their website.

There's no such thing as an accurate written compatibility test. They best they can do is ask you to, "Select the closest answer".... even if the limited options can be far from how you actually want to answer the questions.

Their input has potential to be suspect since it's normal human nature (especially when seeking romance) for people to fudge their responses in order to paint themself in the most appealing light.

Even the most "scientific," serious, and comprehensive question and answer methods (i.e. tests, quizzes and questionnaires) can only hope to gauge compatibility within the parameters of its very limited number and scope of questions.

The fact is that there are hundreds of personality factors to be accounted for, measured and compared. All of these many factors for one person must be cross-compared against all of the the other person's hundreds of factors.

A test's answers are only a transitory reflection of the test taker's mindset (and degree of seriousness about the test) at the time they are taking the test. If their finances or health or other vital aspect of their life significantly changed tomorrow, certain answers would also be subject to change. This is proof that they are unable to actually measure long-term compatibility. True, bonafide life-long core-personality compatibility NEVER changes. Period.

In other words, even if they could be accurate in any other possible respect, the ONLY thing which Q&A tests can only partially determine is the test taker's mindset about a limited number of subjects (with a limited selection of answers) at that current time in their life.

Btw, like OKCupid's very flawed question and answer methodology, EHarmony's famous multiple-hour long matchmaking system also falls into this question and answer test category.

The Soulmate Predictor software:

Note: Nothing but the eye of the beholder can predict physical attraction.

Facts about astrology compatibility text interpretations

Astrology chart wheel

The laws of metaphysics won't allow compatibility to be predicted by comparing just two sun signs alone against each other (or even Sun, Moon and Ascendant signs). Therefore, any site proclaiming something like "Leo man is compatible with" or "Cancer woman is compatible with" is actually just a simplified way of trying to say that all relationships neatly fit into one of only 144 stereotypes.

Experience lets you know that every relationship (between lovers, siblings, parents, relatives, coworkers, strangers, etc.) can't neatly fit into one of only 144 descriptions. Compatibility requires individually measuring and cross-comparing hundreds of astrological factors for each person.... and then that many more hundreds of calculations to determining the relationship compatibility between their factors.

You'll notice that free online compatibility reports require that you only enter birth dates, but not birth times or birth locations. Using only birth dates, means that only one-third of their birth information (i.e. core-personality) is being accounted for.

To compound their inaccuracy, the report's individual text blurbs are stock cookie-cutter text interpretations which never change – even though the two humans being compared have very two very unique personalities which can't be described by unchanging, "locked into stone" text interpretations. A human's personality is far too complex to be fully or accurately described using a limited number of unchanging text snippets.

It's a fact of quantum physics and human biology that Soulmate Predictor's math algorithm is the world's only method able to narrow the range of inaccuracy for unknown birth times and places down to a MUCH smaller range of possible compatibility. This ability turns an impossible needle in a haystack search for romance into getting dependable, understandable answers within a few button clicks.

This manageable range of possibilities is enough to make a life altering decision (such as whether to enter into, or stay in a relationship or marriage).

Facts about buying compatibility and relationship text reports

Love Finder

Due to the traditional chart wheel astrology's limitations, no will ever read an astrological personality report and think, "That exactly describes my personality!" Because it relies on "fuzzy descriptions" of two individual personalities, a traditional astrological compatibility report for two people can only be half as accurate as it is for each individual person (at most).

NOTE: Fortunately for mankind, due to the sympathetic resonant principle on which it operates, the ONLY way Soulmate Predictor can achieve its infallible accuracy is by comparing two personalities.

A relationship compatibility report (whether it costs $5 or $100+) has a 99.99% chance of being computer generated from a stock library of a few thousand unchanging text blurbs. Computers can automatically insert both people's names into the appropriate places throughout it in the same way you would cut and paste into a text document.

How can do you know that the report you're paying for is computer generated? A professional human astrologer charges from $125 to $450 or more per hour of their verbal telephone time. Now imagine if they have to take the time and effort to type out an hour's worth of spoken information into a keyboard, then print and mail that transcript, or just email it to you?

How do you know these rates are real and not made up? Enter your zodiac sign and the current month and year into YouTube. Find the most popular resulting videos and click on their website link below the "Number of Views" information. The links take you to their advice consultation types and rates page.

Facts about professional astrologers

Love psychic

In astrology, each of the dozens of individual personality factors has a mutual effect upon every other factor. This involves quantum physics and nothing but a computer can adequately do the vast number of cross-comparisons of these factors required to accurately determine ALL of the aspects of even ONE person's personality..... much less two of them compared against each other.

Astrologers have no choice but to multiply their fuzzy interpretation of just ONE person by that same degree of inaccuracy calculated for the other person.... and then hope to determine how those two fuzzy personalities will get along in a relationship with each other.

The best advisor is "The Language of Love"

1st reason for Language of Love

Welcome to the 21st century! Believe it or not, computers and complex math is your best advisor. Why good old boring, "A+B = C" math? For starters, it's the language of love and it operates using nothing more than the unique "serial number" encapsulating your very unique personality – i.e. your birth date, time and place.

2nd reason for Language of Love

Secondly, math has no emotions and no hidden agendas. It does not judge or assign blame and it's blind to what humans consider personality flaws. It's immune to personal friendship history and one-sided self-righteous stories. All math knows are "facts" – zeros and ones, on or off, black and white, yes or no, compatible or not compatible. Period.

3rd reason for Language of Love

And finally, math can measure and thus precisely extrapolate (i.e. predict) future outcomes. And it gives immediate, lightning fast answers. It does not require time to mull over the options and it does not forget to include this or that important relationship variable or factor.

4th reason for Language of Love

Another wonderful thing math can do – but which is impossible for any human counselor or compatibility test – is the ability to measure, calculate and advise by HOW MUCH two personalities are compatible (or incompatible) in each area of their relationship – as well as how compatible their relationship is overall. And it's measurements can be scaled in tiny increments.

Your best relationship and soulmate advice

Your best advice is use Soulmate Predictor if you've ever said, "Who is my soulmate?" or asked, "How can I find my soulmate?" It's mankind's only possible way to answer these and many other similar love and relationship questions.

In a microsecond you'll know exactly how well any two people WILL get along if they had to live together under the same roof for the rest of their lives. You'll know about the health of their current (or FUTURE) relationship – both overall and in each of its 11 individual areas.

Then once you discover its incredible accuracy, tell all of your Facebook and Twitter friends about the software so that they can also find their own best friends, most compatible partners, true loves and soulmates. One of the people they tell may very well be your soulmate – science has proven that the "Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon" is an actual fact and not an urban myth.

Mentioning Soulmate Predictor in your online dating profile lets readers that you are serious about finding true love.... and that you already know your life-long compatibility with the reader.

Operating system: Windows 95, 98, XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 8, Win 10
Requirements: Internet connection to install (but not required after installation)

Priced to be easily affordable by everyone on the planet!

$39 until March 31, 2020

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