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Soulmate Predictor is mankind's ONLY method of answering these and similar questions. Its digital astrology process is infallibly accurate – EVERY time.

The INPUT FORM from A to Z

Input Form from AZ

Finding who is (and who isn't) your true soulmate is only a mouse click away!

No other software has ever been designed to do what Soulmate Predictor does!

Note: The querent's birth information (this will be you or whoever is getting the reading) is always entered as Person1 on the upper left-side of the screen. The birth information of the individual you are being compared against (Person2) is always entered on the upper-right side of the screen. Person2 can be anyone you want: friends, coworkers, classmates, celebrities, dating site members, etc.

Who are you?

  1. Enter your birth information. "Person1" is always the person getting the reading – if this is you, then "Person1" will be yourself.
  2. Your astrological sign and age (as of today's date) are automatically calculated and displayed.
  3. Use the Atlas to automatically fill in your birth location and time zone. World's largest electronic atlas finds any city on the planet.... even historical ones which no longer exist.
  4. Save your birth information for quick retrieval to a Name List.
  5. Name List – Saved names for quick retrieval.
  6. Change to another saved Name List.
  7. Delete saved names from a Name List.

Who is the other person?

Items A through E have their counter-parts for Person2 in items A1 through E1.

~~ or if you only know their age and astrological sign ~~

Enter Person2's current age in their Birth Year block and click "Year born" link (2) to automatically fill in the year they were born. This saves you from having to mentally calculate their correct birth year.

Who are you compatible with?

  1. Calculate your compatibility with Person 2. Calculations are auto-updated when birth information for Person1 or Person2 is modified.
  2. The areas of life being compared for the match-ups. (Click any cell to get more text information about that row).
  3. How much life-long Chemistry does Person2 have with you? Bigger numbers are better.
  4. How much life-long Chemistry do you have with Person2? Bigger numbers are better.
  5. How much more (or less?) compatible is Person2 with you than an average random human would be with you? The bigger number, the more compatible they are with you in the indicated area.
  6. How much more (or less?) compatible are you with Person2 than you would be with an average random human? The bigger the number, the more compatible you are with them in the indicated area.
  7. Display alternate views of K and K1.
  8. Text interpretation of the House placement of the two people being compared (pertinent to the clicked on row).
  9. Potential for Compatibility (PFC) – How closely are you to being on the same wavelength? The most important number in the program along with Strife (R). Bigger values are better.
  10. How far apart are your two personalities from the most compatible situation of having an equal effect on each other? Smaller values are better.
  11. How close is your relationship to being true soulmates? How does this relationship stack against ALL relationships? Third most important number behind Potential for Compatibility (N) and Strife (R). A bigger value is better.
  12. How many Love, Attraction and Friendship factors does your relationship have? Bigger values are better.
  13. How many Strife, Antagonism and Disagreement factors does your relationship have? Strife is equal in importance to Q (PFC). Smaller values are better.
  14. Get more details from the Summary Report about the results displayed in the Points of Attraction table and the LAFSAD results.
  15. Where were your most compatible people born? Aka your true loves and soulmates.
  16. Where (what city, state or region.... in the USA or world) were your most compatible people born?

Who's most compatible with whom?

  1. How compatible is every person in the E1 list with you?
  2. How compatible is everyone in list E with everyone in list E1?
  3. Filter result of V and W by gender.

How compatible are you with someone of a certain age and astrological sign? (used for online dating sites)

  1. Automatically enter the start date of their zodiac sign with a button click.
    See 1 and 2 – Automatically calculate Person2's birth year (by entering their current age in their Birth Year block and clicking this blue label).

How compatible are you with someone born during a certain span of dates?

  1. Starting on any date entered as Person2's birth date, for how many days do you want to calculate?
  1. In what time increments (from 4 minutes to 24 hours) would you like to do the calculations?
  2. Calculate for the chosen span of dates and increments.
  3. See the results of BB in bar graph format.

Nice to haves

  1. Allows moving birth times back and forward in time in user selected increments. Enables searching through time until the user selected chronological, or astrological information is reached.
  2. Swaps Person1 and Person2's birth information on the Input Form.... allows for easier copying of names from one Name List to another.
  3. Display the calculations in real time.
  4. Slow real time calculation speed enough to be observed or studied.
  5. Both people's Sun, Moon and Ascendant signs.
  6. Toggle the POA table's title labels.

Operating system: Windows 95, 98, XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 8, Win 10, Win 11
Requirements: Internet connection to install (but not required after installation)

Priced to be easily affordable by everyone on the planet!

$39 until September 30, 2024

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