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Soulmate Predictor's unique and revolutionary numeric system is the ONLY method able to measure and predict true love and soulmate potential with 100% accuracy – EVERY time. No "love test," quiz, questionnaire or text astrological synastry or romance report can come close to it. Period.

How Soulmate Predictor works – the complex explanation (simplified)

How it works in a nutshell

prod technology in a Nutshell

Traditional astrology will always be inaccurate due to the inability (of anything) to describe a fuzzy solitary quantum force. In our case, a personality is a solitary force (composed of 11 [or more] individual forces). But one of the things which can be measured with useful precision is the sympathetic resonance effect which two of these personality forces have upon each other when they interact.

Similarly, scientists cannot directly measure subatomic particles (how can you measure something you can't see?).... but they can see and measure their interactive effect with cold alcohol vapor in a cloud chamber. Soulmate Predictor can't quantify one person's core personality.... but it can measure its interactive effect upon another person's core personality.

When astrology's general text-descriptions of the "personality forces".... is married with the new ability to measure/quantify those energies.... the sympathetic resonance interactions of thousands of Soulmate Predictor's individual 11 forces can be added and subtracted from each other. This provides a (numerical) picture accurate enough to predict the mutual life-long effect (i.e. compatibility) of two interacting forces/personalities upon each other.

Quantum principles can't sometimes work and sometimes not. Soulmate Predictor's algorithm is such that, if complete birth information is entered, a planet would have to alter its orbit in order for it to ever be incorrect. Traditional astrology can never say that.

Although the astrological community's deepest understanding of how astrology works is essentially, "Planetary energies somehow affect us," when science realizes that individual psychology is influenced by celestial electromagnetics, it will be forced to use the personality road map already written by astrology.

A brief overview


Soulmate Predictor modifies a NASA math formula in order to calculate quantum, celestial electromagnetic energies into concrete values. These values are then translated into their closest word definitions using the only available lexicon. This lexicon is the one developed by astrology during its 5,000 year focus on correlating personality traits with celestial positions.

Soulmate Predictor is the world's only method of quantifying those word-descriptions' influences on relationships -- and expressing the output in a format useful for predicting compatibility. These word definitions can't be any more precise than the fuzzy nature of the (psychological/ quantum) energies they are attempting to represent. Paradoxically, Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle allows the calculated values indicating the amount of energy present to be infallibly accurate.

Things science does not know

Scientific questions

1. This says that science has no idea when the personality originates: Noted psychologist and author Deborah Serani, PsyD says of the personality, "It may even begin in the womb. It can be argued that personality actually begins before birth, with each parent's genetics influencing the development of temperament."

2. This says that science is not certain where the entirety of the Sun's energy comes from: "Even though the probability of quantum tunneling is very small, somewhere on the order of 1-in-1028, or the same as your odds of winning the Powerball lottery three times in a row, that ultra-rare interaction is enough to explain the entirety of where the Sun's energy comes from."

The GDMRF model is a hypothesis attempting to scientifically explain how a math formula is able to predict long-term compatibility. The astrological community has yet to become aware of, or understand, the information presented below.

Background info for GDMRF explanation

Solar system

In addition to having an orbital resonance, the solar system's relationships are filled with impossibly precise ratios and "coincidences" – many of which have musical counterparts (re: the "music of the spheres"). The ratios between the planets' extreme velocities are harmonic intervals and the solar system is a giant resonant structure. The Earth is but one object comprising that resonant structure.

This example and this one are a few of the manifestations of Earth resonances caused by the alignment of other planets. They demonstrate the influence of other planets on specific Earth locations at specific times.

A planet's fundamental frequencies are derived from the planet's parameters such as diameter, circumference, rotational velocity, orbital period, perihelion/aphelion distances, orbital velocity, etc. All of these parameters create a planet's complex "harmonic signature."

GDMRF explanation – (long version)

Astrological planetary beacon

Like a radio tower, each of the 10 celestial bodies constantly radiates its own unique frequency. Their combined, interactive, ever-changing energies/frequencies affect the composition of the solar wind's energies.... and vice-versa.

Astrologically, two planets' energetic effect upon each other is not determined by their spatial distance but by their angular relationship (relative to the central Sun). For example, their combined energies would form one energy/frequency if they are positioned at a 90 degree angle and a different version of that energy/frequency if they were positioned at say, 0, 60, 120 or 180 degrees apart.

The ever-changing positions of the 10 planets (and the Ascendant) all simultaneously affecting each other is a lot of intermixed angular energy/frequencies to be taken into account and measured.

A change in output energy/frequency due to a change in angular degree of the input energy-frequency is known as phase shifting. Just as with musical notes, in some angular positions their two frequencies/ energies combine in a harmonious and complimentary way.... and in other positions they combine in an inharmonious and detrimental way. An example of this is that when the Moon is at a 180° angle to the Sun (i.e. full moon), emergency responders reportably see an increase in "loony" behaviors.

The Sun is the centralized focal point of all of this ever-shifting, torsion-like, angular planetary energy, while simultaneously broadcasting it back to the planets via the solar wind – along with the addition of its own overwhelming energetic properties. So it seems that the solar wind is an echo chamber for – or a literal reflection of – the electromagnetic energies/frequencies contained within the celestial bodies' configuration – which in itself constitutes a giant resonant structure.

The planets may contribute little, to no, physically measurable form of energy to the Sun? Or they may be a part (or all of?) science's "missing solar energy" mentioned at the top of this document?

Due to the Sun's fluctuating celestial input at any given moment, as well as the Earth's own naturally ever-shifting magnetic field, the solar wind affects a given Earth location's magnetics slightly differently at any given moment.

A. DNA, magnetics and personality

This explanation does not account for the possibility of the contribution of parental genetics to one's personality.

Our galaxy's cyclic rotational nature is expressed in fractals downward even to our physiology being cyclic in nature. Metaphorically, an infant's first breath "turns on the Light switch" and signals to Mother Nature, "I'm now mentally and physically developed enough to function within the cycle." She responds by "downloading" into its DNA the solar system's pattern of energies affecting that Earth location at that moment.

An analogy of this process:

atom nucleus

Imagine the Sun and each of the planets are strong, spinning electromagnets with the electricity turned off. They are separated by harmonic ratio distances and orbiting at very synchronistic speeds in relation to each other. Like electrons around a nucleus, their orbits around the Sun are spherical rather than flat and planar.

free compass needle

Hovering close to the ground on planet Earth is a free-floating "personality compass" needle able to point in any X, Y, Z axis direction. The needle represents the portion of an infant's DNA's magnetics relating to its deepest beliefs (aka core-personality).

XYZ-axis personality compass

Flip on the electricity and each of the 11 celestial magnets are now influenced by the magnetic fields around them. They are suddenly "flash-frozen" into spatial positions corresponding to their fields' attractive-repulsive, tensional-torsional relationships to each other.


Turning on the power represents an infant's first breath. The sudden jolt of that influx of air/energy (i.e. the addition of the "life force" component to the cellular-biological component) flash-imprints, or etches, this celestial electromagnetic pattern into its DNA.

Personality compass

Depending on the magnets' unrepeatably unique relationships to each other at that moment, the free-floating personality needle is frozen in a corresponding very unique X, Y, Z axis position representing that infant's un-repeatably unique personality.

earth magnetics

Planet Earth's contribution to the soup of celestial energies is its magnetic properties at the location and time of an infant's birth. The time factor (aka the Ascendant or "Asc") is so important that it is treated as an 11th celestial body. The Ascendant's degree of influence changes approximately every 4 minutes and this is why it's so important for accurate astrology to know the birth time as close as possible.

open circuit

Open circuits cannot operate. Once an infant's first breath closes the gap in the electromagnetic-biological feedback loop or circuit, each of the 11 celestial frequencies have individually influenced, to some extent, the X, Y, Z direction of the infant's "personality compass needle."

vector forces

Each celestial body emits a unique electromagnetic frequency or "type" of energy and a different amount of influence. The amount of influence depends upon the angular relationships of all the planets to it and to each other.... and not spatial distance. The terms "vector forces" and "net force" come to mind in describing their ever-changing, harmonious and discordant torsional relationships.

Popular Sun

The Sun, by far the strongest electromagnetic influence upon the solar system and the personality, causes the personality's compass needle to always point in its general direction (i.e. the "Sun sign" of Aries, or Taurus, etc.). But the other 10 combined electromagnetic forces pull the needle away from aligning exactly in the Sun's direction (which is why people do not totally match their astrological Sun sign description).

All of the celestial forces are simultaneously influencing each other to some extent (and this extent is in constant flux). An astrological text description of an individual force can't take into account all of the astrological factors affecting it.... and so they can only be generalities. Similarly, general personality traits (such as studious, greedy, etc.) have no definitive, black and white boundaries.

The most that can be interpreted out of this jumble of energies is: "Five thousand years of observing the personality traits of humans having celestial position X at birth, indicates that they tend to exhibit traits A, B, C, D..."

It's understood that the combined celestial bodies' effect upon celestial position X might, for example, obscure traits A and B altogether, make trait C very pronounced, only cause trait D to appear at certain times, etc. Again, this is why astrological descriptions of the personality traits associated with planetary energies are forced to be open-ended generalities.

These flash-imprinted core-personality traits are permanent – even if some might be modified by life experiences or suppressed altogether. Their frequencies are a person's unique "song of life".... which is manifested as a propensity of beliefs inclined toward their core personality traits – such as shyness, curiosity, risk taking, frugality, pathological deception, etc.

To recap:

The unique frequencies flashed into the DNA are determined by the Earth's magnetics at the time and location where an infant is born. The Earth's magnetics are determined by condition of the solar wind at that moment. The solar wind is affected by the angular configuration of the celestial bodies' input into a resonant system of which the Sun is the focal point.

B. Sympathetic resonance

Harmonious beliefs, interests, communication styles, etc. = personality compatibility.

Extreme personality compatibility = true Love. Extremely high true love = "soulmates."

Human aura

A personality consists of outward behaviors. It's difficult to know someone's personality if it doesn't interact with others. If a stranger in a room full of people takes no physical or spoken actions, no one in the room can know that stranger's personality. These outward behaviors are generated by inner thoughts.

Each human cell's DNA has quantum electromagnetic energies. These trillions of individual magnetic fields join within the body and form a fuzzy, indistinct field around the body. This "indistinct field surrounding the body" describes the human aura.

Some people are more sensitive than others, but to one degree or another, each person's auric field is sensitive to outside physical and non-physical vibrations ("vibes"). For example, a person or location which gives you the "creeps" or makes your hair stand up for seemingly no reason is having an effect upon your aura.

Countless smaller, jumbled (i.e. incoherent), transitory fields are constantly being generated within the body's magnetic fields. As viewed via an EEG, they are expressed in the brain as Alpha, Beta, Theta, Delta and Gamma waves. Since these transitory individual energies are without definitive boundaries and mingle randomly, no definitive sense can be made of them (aka "there's too much noise").

Despite these ever-present transitory fields, everyone has a unique base-line, or "core" "magnetic frequency" imparted into their DNA at the moment of their first breath. This base-line frequency is set at, and determined by, the unique celestial energies present at one's birth date, place and exact moment of first breath. Just as with a physical magnet, it requires a very traumatic outside force or event to alter a personality's imprinted magnetics.

Extrapolating Bruce Lipton's best selling book "The Biology of Belief" to its conclusion, this ever-changing auric field surrounding the body is a moment by moment expression of the mind set of the personality generating it. The more coherent the mind's thoughts, the more coherent (i.e. less muddy and indistinct) the vibrational frequencies -- which can be visible as colors -- within this field.

Note: The only way for a mind/personality to become coherent in its thoughts is the practice of meditation. Those with fully coherent minds/personalities are viewed as Ascended Masters. People in their proximity can physically feel the (peace-filled) emanations coming from their aura. Some humans can physically see a portion of highest Masters' auras (re: Jesus' halo).

The overall energies making up a personality, and therefore the overall personality itself, can only be described in a generalized way. No method, not psychology, astrology, or astrodynes or even Soulmate Predictor can precisely describe an individual's personality.

Astrology's Sympathetic Resonance 2

However, if one person's unique set of energies is influenced and acted-upon by an outside set of unique energies-personality, an interference pattern is created. In the same way that waves radiating from two pebbles dropped into water create a unique interference pattern when they interact, the vibrational energies of two people's auras/merkabas radiate out and interact and "interfere" with each other.

The high and low points (nulls and nodes) of these interfering energy-waves are much easier to "pin down" and measure than trying to describe a single wave (i.e. personality) which isn't being affected by an outside force (i.e. another person's personality). If these energies can be measured, then complex math can extrapolate (i.e. predict) the future outcome of their unique pattern.

Astrology's Sympathetic Resonance 1

The harmonic (nodes) and discordant (nulls) energies within this interference pattern are what the Soulmate Predictor mathematical process is measuring. There are many hundreds of these nulls and nodes and the software boils them down into just a few numbers.

Once again, just as with a physical magnet, it requires a major force or event to alter a personality's imprinted magnetics. Unless there are major or traumatic outside influences (mental illness, PTSD, sexual abuse, etc.), humans who are highly compatible at birth will be just as compatible at any given age in their lives. They would be always inherently be more compatible than they would be with a partner who started out less, or much less, compatible with them at birth.

Couple yelling

It's difficult to find two people's core-personalities, or "songs of life," even those closely on the same wavelength, which don't have at least a few sour notes. These discordant energies may be tolerable, at least at first (i.e. short-term), but if they are strong and/or numerous (Strife/SAD values) their constant disruption of the harmony eventually transforms them into difficult-to-live-with irritations.

It only takes a relatively few of these discordant and clashing notes to destroy a relationship's otherwise "beautiful music." Like all notes in the song of life, they are imprinted for life. A true soulmate has none of these "Strife" factors (or they have very weak ones).

The most compatible relationships (whether platonic or romantic) are with those whose personalities are equally attracted to each other. Lopsided relationships where PersonA's personality is more suitable to PersonB's personality than vice-versa is not a recipe for true love and soulmates. You see this in marriages where the couple has "grown apart." Soulmate Predictor is the only possible way to quantify (measure) personalities so that the amount of lopsidedness can be discovered years before it manifests in the relationship or leads to regrettable future problems.

Until they develop an alternative, academic research into the electromagnetic influences upon human DNA, Psychology has no option but to use astrology's archetypical lexicon of the energies at work.

The GDMRF explanation – (short version)

The Soulmate Predictor principles could be encapsulated into this acronym:

Geospatial [or Geographic] DNA Magnetic Resonance Factors [and Frequencies].

Geospatial – The magnetic imprinting of human DNA is dependent upon the geographic (geospatial) Earth location at the time the imprint occurred.... as well as the angular (geospatial) relationship of the celestial bodies to each other. Twins born minutes apart will have a slightly different set of imprinted influences.

DNA – Beliefs are the roots of the personality and, re: Lipton, they affect the DNA. Therefore, the DNA's configuration is a reflection of the individual's beliefs. If portions of the DNA's configuration are permanently etched (by "flashing" it) at birth, this will affect the beliefs, and therefore the life-long personality.

Magnetic – Cosmic electromagnetics affect the Earth's magnetics. Earth's magnetics (at a specific geographic location) are what is affecting the DNA.... and ultimately, the personality.

Resonance – The harmonic and discordant resonance of the solar system's electromagnetic frequencies is the engine behind a core-personality. The Soulmate Predictor software's numbers are measuring the resonance of the frequencies imprinted within two people's DNA at birth.

Factors – Each individual planet's position and degree of angle to all of the other planets (as well as other astrologically meaningful factors).


Frequencies – It's all operating on the energies (i.e. frequencies) imparted by the planets upon each other, the Sun, and the Earth's magnetics.... and thus, DNA's magnetics. These frequencies' resonance have an effect upon human personalities and compatibility.

Astrology's reputation

The primary reason for astrology's reputation for inaccuracy is that the definitions of the individual energies cannot take into account the combined celestial dynamics amongst themselves.

Bad forecasting

The much lesser reasons for its bad reputation have been: The information in the previous portions of this page has not been known. Time keeping devices and use of time zones weren't ubiquitous until after the 20th century. Most geographic coordinates weren't readily available until well into the 20th century. Uranus, Neptune and Pluto weren't discovered until 1781, 1846 and 1930 respectively. Organized religions benefitted by demonizing and suppressing any form of life-guidance and prophesy outside the bounds of their control, understanding, and ability to attract and keep patronage.

Yet, despite these handicaps – and the fact that it's not a tangible physical science – amateur astrology has been considered useful enough to be the most studied art and science for the past 5,000 years.


Carl Jung writing to Freud in 1911: ".... we shall one day discover in astrology a good deal of knowledge."

Astrology counselor

Jung writing in 1947: "In cases of difficult psychological diagnosis I usually get a horoscope in order to have a further point of view from an entirely different angle. I very often found that the astrological data elucidated certain points which I otherwise would have been unable to understand. Astrology is of particular interest to the psychologist, since it contains a sort of psychological facts, as it were, in the constellations." (Go back)

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