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Its revolutionary numeric process enables Soulmate Predictor software to be mankind's ONLY infallibly accurate method of measuring and predicting life-long TRUE love and soulmates. It's countless times more useful than all synastry chart wheels, tests, quizzes, questionnaires and $15-$100+ romance reports put together.

How to get the best relationship advice

It's all in the math

In the background, astrology is nothing more than complex math to determine where the celestial bodies are located on a specific date and time (as viewed from a specific spot on Earth). NASA uses astrology's formulas to determine where a planet will be at a precise moment many years into the future (this NASA-level module is incorporated into Soulmate Predictor).

Love Math

The more accurate the input, and the more variables factored in, the more accurate any math formula will be. To be accurate, astrology requires 3 input variables: A) birth date, B) birth place, and C) birth time. The exact birth time (aka the "Ascendant") is vitally important for accuracy and in setting a personality's tone. Without a known birth time, one-third of the input is missing – and the degree of inaccuracy becomes: A + B + ?? = Personality.

The problem with traditional astrology


For humans to make sense of its complexity, a portion of astrology's mathematical (numerical) information is translated into a chart wheel. All of the available information can not be graphically represented within the chart wheel – and even if they could be shown, no pre-defined word translations exist for many of these factors (such as the "essential dignitaries," etc.).

Once this "incomplete factors" chart wheel picture is created it must subsequently be deciphered into word interpretations of the individual personality traits shown within it. Even if the word definitions were not at the mercy of the of the chart wheel interpreter's astrological knowledge and language skills, translating the math into indefinite, subjective word definitions robs the math of even more of its precise, infallible accuracy. The end result is like the "telephone" game where the final version of the message is quite different from the correct one.

Word descriptions can't be measured or quantified. If for example, the word-description for one factor indicates that a person is "inclined to be curious" and the word-description for another factor indicates that they're "inclined to be lazy," the word-descriptions for even just these two factors alone can't quantify how much exists of either quality.... or how the two qualities interact and affect each other.

And every person has dozens of factors.... all of which are interacting and affecting each other in different amounts and ways depending upon the individual person's unique birth information (birth date, time, and place).

The astrological word-description for even one trait can't be added to, or subtracted from, or combined with, the word-descriptions of all the other traits in order to describe their overall, blended influence on each other. And thus, words are unable to accurately describe a personality.

In addition, the human mind's limitation on juggling disparate bits of information requires that astrology pare down the influences which are taken into consideration to only the most influential ones.... while ignoring the others.

When a horoscope chart is interpreted into text format for a personality report for one person (much less a synastry compatibility report for two people), a largely useless mess results when combining all of the word descriptions of just those influences which have been assigned specific meanings.

When these astrological reports are software generated (as 99.99% of them are), they mostly consist of 5 to 25 boring pages of unconnected, frequently contradictory and repetitious, and often incorrect, static and unchanging text blurbs. After the first page or two, the reader isn't able to combine the unrelated paragraphs into a meaningful or useful picture.

Even without the human interpretation limits outlined above, it's literally impossible to fully or accurately compare one person's personality to another person's personality by using astrological text interpretations alone. Traditional astrology calls the attempt to do this, "synastry astrology."

Words are used to describe things – numbers are used to measure things.

The miracle of numbers and math

Soulmate Predictor's sole purpose is to measure the amount of harmony and discord between two personalities. It eliminates traditional astrology's accuracy limitations by leaving the output of the complex math in its original, precise, un-translated format.... which happens to be numbers.

Love Miracle

Keeping the calculation output in numerical format enables all of the planetary factors and interactions to be precisely measured and the contribution of every personality factor to be blended with every other factor by being added to, or subtracted from, each other as the rules of astrology dictate. This is for each individual person.

Just as importantly, having the interactions expressed as numbers allows the two separate astrological charts to be cross-compared with each other and the results to be quantified (i.e. measured).

And lastly, expressing the output in digital format enables pages of very complex information to be boiled down into an output which takes up little space, requires no astrological knowledge to understand, and is simple enough for even a six year old child to interpret with a single glance.

Numbers are the language of love

A person's deepest, unchanging core personality is a soup of human traits combined in different strengths and amounts. Being able to represent an individual's personality in numbers makes it possible to measure each of their individual traits and to cross-compare them against another person's similarly digitized personality traits. Doing this allows the degree of harmony and discord, both overall and in individual areas of their relationship, to be extrapolated (i.e. predicted) with an infallible mathematical accuracy.

Soulmate Math

Math's substitution property of equality dictates that if the formula is correct for even more than one comparison, it must be correct for every comparison. In other words it is impossible for it be 100% correct when comparing yourself to PersonA and any less accurate than that when comparing yourself to PersonB.

The Soulmate Predictor process has been tested daily since 1999 and has proven to be unerringly accurate. There is no comparison between the infallible accuracy of it's 21st century digital process and the fallible accuracy of traditional astrology.

You've heard that "numbers don't lie".... "numbers are the language of God".... and "God is Love." Thus, this indicates that numbers (i.e. the language of God) is also the language of Love.

Extreme amount of compatibility = true love. Extreme amount of true love = soulmates.

By "true" love and soulmates, it's meant two personalities who are mutually extremely compatible with each other. Each person's personality is the other person's most ideal possible partner. Their goals and circumstances dictate whether this high compatibility is expressed as a platonic or romantic partnership.

The Soulmate Predictor software enables anyone to instantly know, predict, and eventually physically find their TRUE loves and soulmates.... and the only input required to do this is complete birth information.

Nothing but the eye of the beholder can predict physical attraction. TRUE love is not physical attraction. For example, what person is physically attracted to their mother or children? Physical attraction may be initial attraction.... but it is not true love.

What prod measures and predicts

 counseling questions

At its most basic, it measures how close two people's personalities are to being on the same "wavelength".... and the amount of discord (i.e. Strife) their personalities WILL experience if they are in a long-term, closely interacting relationship. The software can only measure the amount of unchanging compatibility.

It measures the true personalities beneath the "personality masks" humans consciously or subconsciously wear in order to get along and keep the peace.

The only thing Soulmate Predictor's formula can measure is the amount of compatibility between the two people's unchanging true core selves.... and therefore it can only measure their life-long compatibility.

It can only measure the amount of compatibility the two people will experience once the "new" has worn off their relationship and they stop being on their best behavior with each other.

It can only measure how well their true inner natures would resonate in a "small deserted island" scenario. In other words, how they would get along if they had to live under the same roof in a co-dependent relationship.... forever.

Love and Hate

It cannot necessarily predict how people get along while they are still wearing their personality masks with each other. How a relationship fares once the new wears off (which may not come for hours, days, weeks, months, or years) is most often very different than when the was fresh and undiscovered traits remained behind the "on their best behavior" masks.

Because of this, the math's infallible long-term accuracy may not be apparent for casual, relatively brief, and/or less serious encounters (such as one-night stands or brief romantic flings). But Soulmate Predictor is infallibly accurate for closely interacting, long-term relationships.

Some software users find that they have low numbers if they do a self-comparison (i.e. enter themselves as both Person1 and Person2). All this means is that they wouldn't get along very well on a deserted island with someone having a personality identical to their own. Regardless of how much they love themself, someone with identical traits and quirks may end up driving them up the wall if they had to tolerate such things from an outside source in close quarters – forever.

Love knows no boundaries and so the technology works equally well for all sexual orientations and ages.

Accuracy: The proof is in the pudding

Important Note

Important! Because a math formula's output can only be as accurate as its input, infallible accuracy can only be achieved by entering complete birth information for both people being compared. Math can only provide a 24-hour range of compatibility for anyone with an unknown birth time. This is accurate enough to determine if there's any chance of harmonious life-long compatibility. Please keep this in mind in case your own birth time is not known and you are purchasing this software for your own use.

If your birth time is known, an infallibly accurate range of romantic compatibility can be calculated with another person even if all that's known about them is their age and astrological sign. This range of compatibility is infinitely faster and more accurate than whatever method you're currently using to guess your compatibility with that person. It is also incredibly useful; for use with dating and social media sites (such as PlentyofFish.com and Facebook) displaying member's zodiac signs.

Quick testing its compatibility accuracy

So if the technology only measures and predicts life-long compatibility, how can you know that it's infallibly accurate without waiting a lifetime? Very easy – the software's accuracy is most obvious with those falling at either end of the compatibility spectrum (i.e. those people who are either very harmonious or very inharmonious with you).

Compare yourself with someone you've known for a long enough time to know how well you could tolerate their personality while living in close quarters for a lifetime. Because you have long experience with them, family members are ideal to compare yourself with – with acquaintances and coworkers, not being nearly as good.

If you'd like to instantly verify its absolute accuracy, compare yourself with the people you've closely known or interacted with for an extended amount of time – ideally many years of living under the same roof. Parents, siblings, (ex-)spouses, children, and other close relatives would be pefect. Comparing your compatibility with those people with whom you have a long history of not getting along with lets you know that because the calculations are correct for your family members and people you know best, that they're correct for EVERY comparison.

In Love

If the software provides you what you consider to be inaccurate numbers, just remember the software can only predict for "deserted island" compatibility (close quarters, co-dependency, forever).... and not how you think such a situation might turn out with this person in the future. If you and that "inaccurate numbers" person were to spend enough time together in a long-term, closely interacting relationship, the program's numbers will be borne out.

Remember, the software is actually a very complex math formula – and so it can't sometimes be right and sometimes wrong. If your personality would get along very well with another person, Soulmate Predictor will give you a high Potential for Compatibility (PFC) value.... and likely a low Strife value. If you and the other person tend not to see eye-to-eye or outright do not get along, you will be given a low PFC value.... and/or likely a high Strife value.

Life-long mutual compatibility is being measured, and so if given enough time, Soulmate Predictor's compatibility assessment will infallibly bear itself out once ALL of the personality masks come off and both individuals become their true selves.

Other matchmaking methods

Despite any claims of being the best romance or love testing program, the fact is that it's literally impossible for them to be anywhere close to being accurate in determining true chemistry and true love. Their methods rely on mankind's only matchmaking and compatibility matching method – that is, some form of questions and answers-based test.

Think about it.... If any one of them were anywhere even close to being accurate, the world would be beating a path to their door. They would be world famous and you wouldn't be reading this page.

On the other hand, even if Soulmate Predictor measured nothing more than PFC and Strife, just that information alone would make it 100% more accurate in measuring and extrapolating (i.e. predicting) life-long compatibility than ANY form of question and answer method. Period. And that includes every so-called "scientific" matchmaking method including eHarmony.

Online Dating chat

If Soulmate Predictor says that you're highly compatible with someone you've never met in person, you'll quickly sense that high chemistry even over the Internet and telephone. The attraction will be even stronger if you were to meet in person. Likewise, if the software says you are very incompatible with someone, you'll instantly feel the lack of chemistry with them – at least in person, if not over the Internet (where anyone can pose as a personality they're really not).

Because you'll know your life-long compatibility before meeting, you'll never go on another bad first romantic date. It also eliminates future spat-filled courtships.... infidelity.... unhappy marriages.... pregnancies with the wrong mate.... domestic violence.... child custody/support.... broken/one-parent homes.... and all other ramifications not knowing beforehand just how truly incompatible you would eventually become.

You'll have an insight into which relationships around you secretly are (or will eventually become) unhealthy and abusive. You'll know which currently new and happy ones won't have a happy ending. And you'll know which ones hold enough true love potential to last a lifetime. Soulmate Predictor allows you to secretly peek into your compatibility with anyone – classmates, coworkers, friends, neighbors, or your crush on that cutie on the other side of the cash register.

Soulmate Predictor is the ideal tool for anyone with a passion to be the local matchmaker.... or to prevent loved ones from getting into, or staying in a relationship (romantic, friendship, or business) which can't have a pleasant future.

The software enables you to predict harmonious or inharmonious partnerships for business, collaborations, or any form of relationship requiring harmonious, long-term, close cooperation.

"Six degrees of Kevin Bacon" theory is a fact

shocking 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon

Studies by Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Microsoft have independently proven that the distance of friends of friends between you and any human (i.e. all of your true loves and soulmates) is only from 3 to to less than 5 people. So the "Six degrees of Kevin Bacon" phenomena is in fact, true.

If romance is your goal, factors such as incompatible ages, sexual orientations, lack of physical attraction, geographical distance apart, etc. drastically reduces the number of available candidates.

Btw, mentioning the Soulmate Predictor software in your existing online dating site profile lets viewers know that you already know your life-long compatibility with them. This "love psychic" software is ideal for the best free dating sites (such as PlentyofFish.com).

Operating system: Windows 95, 98, XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 8, Win 10
Requirements: Internet connection to install (but not required after installation)

Priced to be easily affordable by everyone on the planet!

$39 until March 31, 2020

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