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Its revolutionary numeric system enables Soulmate Predictor to be the world's ONLY possible method of measuring and predicting TRUE love and soulmate potential with 100% precision. It is infinitely more useful than any test, quiz, questionnaire or traditional astrological romance report.

How Soulmate Predictor works – the easy explanation (simplified)

How does astrology work?

Love question

Only the very few astrologers who have read this channeled explanation by Kryon are aware of how the mechanics of astrology actually works. This explanation is important in that it points out that human personalities are rooted in measurable and predictable forces.

"The Sun is the center of energy for life on Earth. Its mechanism for sending information to the planets is the solar wind. This energy stream has cycles of intensity and delivers the pattern of interdimensional energy the Sun has at any given moment to all that is within reach of the Sun's magnetic field (i.e. the heliosphere). Although science recognizes the solar wind as an energy player in the solar system, they have yet to see the interdimensional patterns it carries to the planets.

These patterns reflect the posturing of the Sun as the other planets exhibit their influence on it via gravity and magnetics (both of which are interdimensional, or quantum, energies). Therefore these Sun patterns change continuously as the planets provide new gravitational and magnetic situations to the Sun.

When the solar wind (carrying this Sun pattern) hits the Earth it deposits the pattern at any given moment upon the magnetic grid. The magnetic grid is dynamic and changes all the time, and it is responsive to being constantly re-patterned. The grid alters the pattern slightly because it is not consistent and has greater and lesser areas of influence in different Earth locations.

Since it is a magnetic engine itself, human DNA is sensitive to magnetics. While a child takes its first breath of independent life, its DNA receives the pattern from the magnetics of the Earth's grid, and takes on 'astrological attributes.' Different places on the planet will carry the basic solar wind pattern, plus or minus what Earth's magnetic field has contributed due to the geographic location where the child was born." ~Kryon

The following section supplies some necessary scientific background information before we return to the subject of astrology...

Personality and the quantum

Love squared

The distance between quantumly entangled objects (i.e. planets) is not a factor in their ability to affect each other. The 58 page book, A Little Book of Coincidence in the Solar System by John Marineau is about the number of impossibly improbable "coincidences" there are concerning the solar system's numerically precise inter-relationships. There can be no explanation for these coincidences other than that our solar system's planets are quantumly/mathematically entangled in some way.

Light is quantum and E=MC2 literally translates into: all physical matter is made of light. So far, science is aware that DNA retains, emits and interacts with light.... and that it follows the same foundational rules as human languages.... and that its magnetic properties are affected by the surrounding water.... and that it has other amazing properties.

So we know that DNA (physical matter) consists of quantum energy (light) and that the extreme distance between entangled objects has no bearing on their ability to influence each other.

magnetic inductance

Imagine how rubbing a magnet against a steel rod imparts a magnetic field (i.e. a quantum force) into the rod (i.e. a physical object). Earth's ever-shifting magnetic field (i.e. a quantum force) "rubs against" an infant's blank (personality-wise) slate of DNA (i.e. a physical object) once it no longer shares (or is no longer shielded by?) the magnetic properties of its mother's watery womb. The DNA is thus able to obtain (and retain) a magnetic field entirely separate and distinct from its mother's magnetic field.

broken magnets

An analogy equating magnets and personalities: All forces within a magnet/personality are entangled. But if a portion is separated from the mother magnet, the separated child portion is now a self-contained, "free willed" magnet/personality. It can now attract or repel any other magnet – including the mother magnet with which it was once indistinguishably entangled.

The instant the separated child magnet is "flashed" with this un-conjoined "free will" to attract and repel on its own would be equated to an infant taking its first breath – or first inhalation of Life Force (aka air, Prana, Chi, Ki, etc.). This first in-out cycle of breath signals Mother Nature that the organism is now biologically mature enough to survive within Her cycle of life.

The specific life-long frequencies (or properties/traits) flashed into the DNA are determined by the celestial electromagnetic frequencies at play at the moment and location of first breath. See the complex explanation.

human energy field

The human body's 37.2 trillion DNA strands' combined magnetic fields create electromagnetic fields in and around the body. The largest field is generated by the heart and is about 60 times greater in amplitude than the brain waves recorded in an electroencephalogram (EEG) and is more than 100 times greater in strength than the field generated by the brain. It can be detected up to 3 feet away from the body, in all directions, using SQUID-based magnetometers.

A team of National Institute of Health scientists coined the word "biofield" in 1994 to describe this field composed of both measurable electromagnetic energy and subtle energy, or chi. This biofield has been known for millenia as the human energy field, or human "aura."

HeartMath researchers determined that the heart's electromagnetic field, as measured by an electrocardiogram (ECG), in one individual could be detected and measured in another person when the pair either were seated within about three feet of each other or held hands. Their experiments led them to conclude that the nervous system acts as an antenna, which is tuned to and responds to the magnetic fields produced by the hearts of other individuals.

Electrophysiologically, sensitivity to this form of energetic communication between individuals appears to be related to the ability to be emotionally and physiologically coherent. Uplifting emotions such as appreciation, joy, care, and love cause the heart's rhythm pattern to become highly ordered, looking like a smooth, harmonious wave. When individuals are in the coherent state, they are more sensitive to receiving information contained in the magnetic fields generated by others.

Soulmate Predictor's PFC value measures the sympathetic resonance present according to how closely two human auras or biofields or heart magnetic fields are to being "on the same wavelength." In other words, how mutually coherent they are with each other.

Love Magnets

Regardless of the magnet's age, its unique frequencies (or amount of attractive/repulsive force) will remain unchanged. This point is notable when "core personalities" are discussed below. Also notable is that the "GDMRF explanation" is rooted in electromagnetic frequencies.

Mother Nature does not do things without reason. There's no need for a personality in the womb. And core personality traits such as curiosity, shyness or general temperament are not a product of life experience. That only leaves the instant of first breath for one's personality to be imparted (with something determining what unique traits will be imparted – and how much of each trait).

These things hint that the most influential forces in the soup of Universe-sized quantum energy with which we are melded may very well have an effect on our (quantum) DNA. And that our DNA being affected might have a bearing on our personality. The Soulmate Predictor process shows that it can have a bearing.

Lynne McTaggart's The Field: The Quest for the Secret Force of the Universe is enlightening about the discoveries being made concerning the quantum field and human consciousness' mutual interactive influence. Our thoughts and beliefs are our personality. Bruce Lipton's acclaimed The Biology of Belief details the connection between our personality and our DNA.

It can't be verified that every human's fingerprints or eye iris patterns are unique. But two things which are irrefutably unique to every human are their DNA.... AND their date, place, and exact time of first breath.

With the birth location expressed as longitude/latitude digits, birth information can be thought of as the Universe's exclusive ID Number (or "Serial Number" or "Part Number" – or most accurately, "Frequency") for each individual's personality. A human's very complex and unique core-personality can be encapsulated and represented in digital format as simply as: 0902195816150851803502 (which itself represents 11 different and unique frequencies).

Life-long relationship compatibility is determined by measuring how well two people's core-personality Serial Numbers mesh together.

And now back to the subject of astrology...

The problem with astrology

Astrology's purpose is to decipher the quantum forces ("frequencies") affecting DNA at a specific time and location, into a compilation of fuzzy text descriptions of a core personality.

Love Math

In the background, astrology is nothing more than math calculating the locations of the celestial bodies on a specific date and time (as viewed from a specific spot on Earth). NASA uses astrology's math formulas to determine where a planet will be at a precise moment many years into the future.

The more accurate the input, and the more variables factored in, the more accurate a math formula will be. To be accurate, astrology requires 3 input variables: A) birth date, B) birth place, and C) birth time. The exact birth time (aka the "Ascendant") is vitally important for accuracy and in setting a personality's tenor. Without a known birth time, one-third of the input is missing – and the degree of inaccuracy becomes: A + B + ?? = Personality.

Astrology chart wheel

For humans to make sense of its complexity, astrology's mathematical (numerical) output is represented as a chart wheel. This picture must be deciphered into word interpretations of personality traits. These interpretations can't be uniform or exact. An astrologer can only provide their personal interpretation of the complex interaction of planet, sign and house positions based upon their astrological knowledge and interpretation skills. One reader may add or omit information while another may not.

Astrology text is too fuzzy

Quantum energies/frequencies can't be simultaneously measured and described.... but their effects on a personality can be fuzzily described with words. But word descriptions can't be measured or quantified. If for example, the description for astrological InfluenceA indicates that a person is "rather shy".... and the description for astrological InfluenceB indicates that the individual is "emotionally excitable".... those words can't quantify how much exists of either quality.... or how they interact and affect each other.

Even if the definitions were not at the mercy of the astrological knowledge and language skills of the interpreter, translating the math into indefinite, subjective word definitions robs the math of its precise, infallible accuracy.

Although it's required for accurately describing a personality, a trait's description can't be added to, or subtracted from, or combined with, all the other traits' descriptions in order to describe their overall, blended influence on each other. And thus, words alone are unable to accurately describe a personality.

Every astrological factor influences every other factor (to some extent) and there are dozens of mutually interactive factors to consider in a person's chart wheel. The mind's limitation on juggling so much disparate information requires that traditional astrology pare down the influences which are taken into consideration to only the most influential ones.... while ignoring the others.

Important Note

A fairly unintelligible mess results when combining all of the word descriptions of just those influences which have been assigned specific meanings. When they are software generated (as the majority of them are), astrological personality reports consist of 5 to 25 pages of unconnected, often contradictory and repetitious, and frequently incorrect, static blurbs. After the first page or two the reader is not able to coalesce the unrelated minutia into a meaningful picture.

This is just for one person's chart. Imagine trying to cross-compare two of these unintelligible messes with each other. Academic studies are justified in their assessment that traditional astrology methods cannot possibly accurately predict life-long human compatibility.

Astrodynes: Digital astrology

In 1993 a way was needed to immediately know any two people's long-term compatibility.

Love Finder

Research showed that, as it pertains to generic, but instantaneous, prediction of individual personality traits, astrology was the only candidate for doing this. It was theorized that if each of astrology's factors were assigned well-researched, weighted numeric values.... and these factors were then logically combined.... and its math output retained in numeric format....life-long compatibility could be measured and predicted.

Unlike working with word descriptions, working with numbers would enable the copious number of possible individual personality traits (i.e. astrological influences' permutations) to easily be blended without restrictions, measured, combined, and compared.

In 1999 it was learned that a group of deeply metaphysical astrologers had dedicated themselves from the 1930's to the 1950's to researching and assigning weighted values to the astrological factors and then logically combining them. It was exactly what was needed. Although no one realized it, what they had created was a method for digitizing a personality.

Complex love math

They called their alternative interpretive method astrodynes. Although its math is simple addition and subtraction, until the advent of computers, the process was so tedious that experienced astrologers required 12 hours of hand calculations to generate the output values for one person.

As it does not use chart wheels or word descriptions, astrodyne's "digital astrology's" malleability easily factors in all of the multitude of interactive influences which traditional astrology is forced to ignore. Factoring in all of the variables and keeping the output in its most accurate format (i.e. numbers) retains the accuracy of the original math formulas.

Most of the few astrologers who are aware of astrodynes find little, to no, practical use for them. It's an exceedingly confusing and tedious system analogous to trying to do a thousand piece jigsaw puzzle without looking at the picture on the box. Astrologers are rightfully much more comfortable with the limited accuracy of grandma's quick and easy, old fashioned chart wheel system.

astrodynes read out

Typical astrodynes "chart" (every factor influences every other factor)

In summation: Words (which can't be quantified and blended) are traditional astrology's hindrance to accuracy. Too much information (i.e. too much accuracy) with no way to blend it down into something simple enough to be comprehended is astrodyne's hindrance to usefulness.

What sparked the technology

Astrology process: Math Chart Wheel Words output Words-Cross-Comparison (bad) Interpretation

Astrodynes process: Math Numbers-Cross-Comparison (good) Numbers output Interpretation

Love question1

The vital difference between astrology and astrodynes is that astrodynes would allow a personality cross-comparison to be done while the two personalities are still represented as infinitely malleable numbers.... and also that the output is numberical (which allows outputs to be ranked and compared).

Due to its complexity, astrodynes were designed to calculate for only one person. Proving the 1993 theory required the comparison of two digitized people against each other. It was discovered that it's possible to cross-compare two people's astrodyne values using a process traditional astrology refers to as "synastry astrology" or "transposing charts."

The initial research aim was to hold one person's birth information unchanged while advancing and recalculating the other person's birth time in successive 24 hour increments.... and see if anything popped out.

Even using spreadsheets, it was a milestone to finally shrink the time required to do one of these one-day increment calculations from 8 hours down to 4 hours. The output was pages of (seemingly) random positive and negative numbers with no reference for what constituted "desirable" and "undesirable" values. This made it far more worthless than traditional astrology for predicting compatibility.

However, after enough data points were calculated, a vague pattern was recognized in some of the sets of numbers. And so they were graphed. This eureka moment revealed an erratically shaped wave for each celestial body. These waves represented the amount of energy that body was contributing at specific points in time (at a specific geographic Earth location).

Soulmate Graph

Those 11 waves confirmed the 1993 theory that it was indeed possible to instantly predict long-term compatibility with mathematical accuracy.

A primitive computer program was designed to speed the calculation process. Over time, this simple research platform was expanded to become the genesis of the Soulmate Predictor software which is able to do a comparison in a millisecond.

Soulmate Predictor boiled down astrodyne's information overload and greatly simplified the output. This allowed the astrodyne cross-comparison information to be understood and worked with – a feat which even traditional, one-person-calculation astrodynes is quite arguably unable to do.

The end result was 11 numbers revealing the quantifiable amount of effect each person's personality has on the other person's personality in each of 11 general areas of their relationship. Psychology's "Big Five" (FFM) personality traits have their counterparts in the first 5 of the eleven numbers (and there may be other similarities to psychology within the numbers?).

The two sets of 11 numbers were boiled down to two primary numbers (PFC and Strife). The PFC (Potential for Compatibility) number reveals how closely two people's personalities are to being on the same overall personality "wavelength" and Strife reveals the amount of inescapable friction their personalities will experience once the new wears off of the relationship. Finally, everything was boiled down into a single all-encompassing number allowing different comparisons to be ranked and compared against one another (i.e. the Soulmate score).

Points of Attraction and LAFSAD tables

Those two primary and 22 secondary numbers were compared with how well personalities get along in real life.

Since 1999, after examining dozens of long-term relationships, not a single instance has been found when the numbers did not match the quality of the two people's long-term close interaction. Or if a relationship is over, predict how compatible that relationship had been. Or, if they were just starting a relationship, predict how compatible their relationship would eventually turn out to be.

That it is accurate every time is unavoidable. Not as a result of beating some incalculably high odds, but merely as a result of the math formula being correct. Given complete and accurate input, a math formula can only be correct all of the time.... or incorrect all of the time.

Love Surprise

The many years of research produced several revelations. Among them: How to quickly and accurately measure/predict life-long compatibility. Another was how to calculate/predict the small, unique, windows during which anyone's most compatible people are born.

Another was discovering humanity's "center of the bell curve" values (for the various relationship areas) – i.e. how compatible the average human is with the average human (sadly, it's a very low number). Most people's personalities are not very compatible with itself – in other words, having to tolerate a clone of one's self in a marital type situation would drive most people nuts.

Also, the values (most especially the Potential for Compatibility (PFC), and Strife values) reveal that the accuracy of any question and answer method for determining true life-long harmony is entirely happenstance.

The overwhelming number of "romantic" relationships and marriages consist of either highly incompatible or just merely incompatible personalities. The advance (and advanced) information provided by the PFC and Strife numbers will eventually make the need for marriage counseling obsolete.

Limited research indicates those who are spiritually in touch with themselves (inclined towards mindfulness, mediation, passivity, spiritual search, open-minded thinking, etc.) may tend to be more highly compatible with a wider segment of the population (and score more highly when compared with themselves). This observation is in line with the latest bio-chemical and other forms of DNA research.

The Language of Love

Language of love

Recall that what the astrodyne formula is calculating is the solar system's quantum effects on Earth's magnetic field at a specific location and time – and its influence on DNA's magnetics at an infant's first breath – converted into weighted numbers. And that Soulmate Predictor is cross-comparing this complex, weighted-numbered soup of digitized personality of one person against the multitude of similarly complex digitized forces inscribed within another human at their first breath.

And the interaction of all of those incredible amounts of very diverse positive/negative numbers boils down to two numbers which just happen to coincide with (and predict) the harmony of their long-term personality interaction.

And so it appears that, as with so much of physical science, math and numbers are also the language of compatibility.

Inordinately high personality compatibility = true love. And an extreme degree of true love = so-called "soulmates." What is meant by "true" love are two personalities who are among the most mutually compatible possible ones with each other. Naturally, this high compatibility can manifest as a platonic or romantic attraction.

It is said that, "Numbers are the language of God." It is also said that "God is Love." Thus, Soulmate Predictor seems to confirm that the language of God is also the language of Love.


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Love Magnets2

If the personality were a house, the DNA's magnetic birth imprinting would be equated to it's very unique blueprint. The blueprint (i.e. core-personality) could be imprinted to be any style from a beach shack, to a ranch style, a duplex, a mansion, or countless others. A person's life experiences are how their style of house becomes decorated.

Recall that regardless of a "DNA magnet's" age, its unique frequencies remain unchanged. Life experiences (i.e. changing decorations) will alter the look of the house dramatically over the years.... but it will never change the home's original style or blueprint. If two people are highly compatible in certain areas when they're 5 years old, their core personalities will still be just as highly compatible in those areas when they're 65 years old. This holds true for their low compatibility areas as well.

Although they may be suppressed or modified for social acceptance, if they're untouched by severe trauma, one's core-personality traits (such as the propensity to be talkative, gregarious, shy, studious, a pathological liar etc.) are always there.

But any magnetized object's magnetics can be altered via very strong outside forces. One's basic, core-personality only significantly changes due to some strong, traumatic influence such as mental illness. This might be equated to doors or windows or even entire rooms being added or deleted from the personality's original blueprint.

Soulmate Predictor can only measure for two people's personalities as set in their original birth blueprint. The software's math cannot account for influences which permanently and dramatically alter one of those blueprints.

The ideal relationship is when BOTH people's personalities are equally compatible with each other. Recall that when birth information is converted to numbers, it can be thought of as a core-personality's unique "serial number." This serial number can also be thought of as a personality's unique "key" and "lock." PersonA's personality-key might fit PersonB's personality-lock better than PersonB's key fits PersonA's lock. In other words, your personality can be more compatible with someone else's personality than theirs is with yours.... or vice-versa. How each person's key truly fits the other person's lock becomes more evident as the new wears off of a relationship.

Soulmate Predictor is the world's only method which can measure and predict this "lopsidedness" of relationship compatibility. It's important to point out that Soulmate Predictor cannot necessarily predict short-term and superficial compatibility such as for one-night stands, or in a work place or neighborly scenarios when both parties are wearing their "social-personality masks" and remain, for the most part, on their best behavior with each other in order to keep the peace. Most short-lived and unhappy marriages fit this description.

It is very important to mention that MOST marriages are not for undying true love – that is, great personality harmony and compatibility. You've seen the reasons people enter into relationships – fear of being alone, physical attraction, free sex partner, wanting a cook/maid/nanny, financial gain or security, title or status gain, child bearing ability, residential location.... and countless other things which have NO connection to their core-personalities getting along harmoniously for the rest of their life. Regardless of how they appear on in public, behind closed doors, most long-term marriages aren't truly happy.... or at least not for both people.

The software's formula can only measure life-long compatibility. How a relationship will be after the new has long worn off – after the social masks (and gloves) have come off. In effect, it measures (which simultaneously predicts) how harmoniously two people's personalities would blend if they had to live in a closely interacting and interdependent relationship under the same roof for an extended period of time – such as in a marriage.... on a small deserted island.... or a TV survival show scenario.

Bell Curves

The human race has a bell curve of compatibility for each of the 11 individual areas of an interpersonal relationship. The values at the center of these bell curves are referred to the Bell Curve values.

For example, humanity's Bell Curve value for "mutual communication" is approximately 6.... the Bell Curve for "common interests" is approximately negative 33.... and so forth for each of the 11 interpersonal relationship areas.

Each individual's effect on the other person's personality cannot be accurately measured or compared without the Bell Curve values being used as a common reference point for a specific relationship area (akin to being the zero point on that relationship area's number line).

Bell curve of love

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