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Soulmate Predictor is the ONLY possible way to get 100% guaranteed accurate true love and soulmate compatibility advice. Period. It is the world's ONLY process able to measure life-long personality compatibility. It does this with infallible precision – every time.

Extreme personality compatibility = true love. Extreme love = soulmates. What's meant by "true love" and "soulmates" is two personalities who are mutually extremely compatible with each other. Each person's personality is the other person's most ideal possible partner. Their high compatibility can translate into a platonic or romantic relationship.

20th century: How true love and soulmates used to be found:

Waiting on Love
  1. Meet someone new, cross your fingers, and hope for the best.

  2. Spend time, money, and emotions with them until a decision is made whether you're right or wrong for each other.

  1. This may take as long as one conversation, one date, moving in together, or weeks, months, or years of marriage or other close personal interaction.

  2. If you're not "made for each other" – spend days, weeks, months or years regretting getting involved with that person.

Despite the best relationship advice from friends and loved ones, if your two personalities truly are not compatible, you're bound to encounter the stresses that go with failed relationships such as: fights, resentments, break-ups, jealousy, infidelity, domestic violence, wedding and divorce expenses, property settlement, legal costs, alimony, child custody issues, etc.

21st Century: How you'll find your true love and soulmates

Looking for Love
  1. Enter your birth information and at least the age and astrological sign of another person into Soulmate Predictor and click a button. The more birth info you enter, the more accurate the results will be. Pinpoint precision can only be achieved by entering complete and accurate birth information for both people.

  2. Look at the value of the Potential for Compatibility (PFC) score and the value of the Strife factor. That's it! You'll instantly know how closely you are to being "on the same wavelength" (for life) and how much friction you'll have if you enter into any form of long-term closely interacting relationship (such as marriage or business partner, etc.). If you're interested, you can dig deeper and discover even more.

You'll instantly know your overall life-long compatibility – as well as the EXACT degree of emotional harmony or discord your relationship will have in 11 areas of your relationship – long after the new has worn off.

Or you can enter any range of ages or dates or astrological signs into the the software's Most Compatible Dates feature, then set the amount of lowest compatibility threshold you're seeking in any of 11 areas of your relationship – and then discover your exact amount of life-long compatibility with anyone born during that period. This feature transforms your search for true love and soulmates – or even just a true BFF – from being a "needle in a haystack" exercise into a laser beam focused search for your most perfect possible partner.

Posting your most compatible "soulmate birthdays" on your Facebook, LinkedIn or Pinterest page.... or on POF.com or other dating site profile.... or on your favorite forums, or on Craigslist, or a local classified newspaper ad.... or any number of other creative ways to get the information out there will considerably shorten your search for the true love you've been seeking.

Soulmate Predictor's revolutionary measurement and predictive abilities makes it perfect for use on PlentyOfFish.com, the world's largest, and free, online dating site. It transforms POF.com into a sea of transparency concerning your mutual romantic compatibility with every member on that site.

No astrology knowledge is required to use and fully understand the Soulmate Predictor program. The software has no confusing astrology chart wheels, zodiac glyphs or terminology.

Why compatibility tests and astrological reports don't work

Bad forecasting

Until Soulmate Predictor was developed, mankind's only matchmaking method was the question and answer method. The Q&A (and Venn diagram) testing method is all that even the most "scientific" dating sites such as eHarmony.com, OKCupid.com and other "professional matchmakers" have.

  1. The "experts" creating those online "love tests" are no more qualified to predict life-long personality compatibility than you are. You could write a "love quiz" which is 100% as inaccurate as any possible Q&A method.

  2. All question and answer tests ask you to, "Pick the answer which most closely matches your own." How many times has their closest match not been close to how you wanted to answer? Multiply that amount of error by all of its other faults such as totally irrelevant or silly or subjective questions – or questions which in no way could ever pertain to you.

  3. Days, months or years after the test, the quiz taker's mind might easily have changed enough so that they would answer many of the questions differently if they were to retake the test. Questions, tests, quizzes and all that other total, scam-filled nonsense is as out-dated and 20th century as your great-grandma's gramophone.

    It's impossible for ANY question and answer test to predict beyond when the new wears off the relationship. In fact, NONE of them can predict beyond the test taker's state of mind at the time they took the test.

    Increased maturity and life experience dictate that some of your answers to a very extensive "soulmate test" taken when you were 16 years old would be different than if answered at age 18. The same goes for retaking the test at age 25, and then at age 35, and 45 and 55. By your retirement years, you would probably be very incompatible with someone the test matched you with at any previous decade. How many times have you heard the phrase, "We grew apart over the years?"

    But regardless of those shifting outward compatibility preferences, inwardly – from the day you're born until the day you die – you will always have a unique combination of core personality traits which is ideally suited for the unique personality traits of certain other people. Your personalities fit together like a lock and key, so to speak.

  4. Text-based astrological compatibility reports can't predict your compatibility – no matter how long or expensive they are. Wading through their long and boring pages will leave you as uninformed about your relationship's compatibility as you were before reading it.

    By using only birth day, time and place as input, Soulmate Predictor avoids all of the many flaws of the question and answer method. Compressing a massive amount of complex information (FAR more information than can be contained in ANY text report) down into a compact and easily comprehensible way, allows the software to be hundreds of times more accurate than even the "best" astrological compatibility reports.

    If for no other reason, its ability to measure and predict the vital Potential for Compatibility (PFC) and the Strife factors, makes it 100% more accurate than ANY other possible personality or romance matchmaking method. Period. The PFC is the life-long, unchanging degree to which two personalities are "on the same wavelength" and the Strife factor is the unchanging degree to which they will have unavoidable friction.

    The only thing Soulmate Predictor can measure is the inner-most core personality of each person and how well they resonate with each other on a life-long basis.

Why it's better than psychics and astrologers

Love psychic

Some benefits of Soulmate Predictor over a relationship reading by a psychic, astrologer or tarot readings are:

  1. It is absolutely 100% accurate.... every time.
  2. The ONLY thing Soulmate Predictor can predict is how compatible a relationship will be after the new wears off.
  1. It allows you to know your (and your friend's and loved one's) compatibility with ANYONE at the click of button.... 24/7/365. You'll know your relationship's life-long compatibility in a millisecond.

  2. How much would it cost to hire an astrology or tarot reading for every new dating site profile you encounter or every new person you meet in real life? Even if you could afford their $125-$400/hr, how much time and hassle would that be?

    Soulmate Predictor does not work on numerology or traditional astrology. It does not use chart wheels or confusing zodiac glyphs or terms and it does not require any astrological knowledge whatsoever to use.

Operating system: Windows 95, 98, XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 8, Win 10
Requirements: Internet connection to install (but not required after installation)

Priced to be easily affordable by everyone on the planet!

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