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Soulmate Predictor is the world's authority on measuring life-long compatibility. Its revolutionary numeric astrological process is mankind's only method of predicting relationship and romantic compatibility, true love and soulmate potential with EXACT precision – EVERY time.

Soulmate Predictor software will tell you:

Calculate Compatibility software boxshot
  1. Your precise mutual life-long compatibility with anyone by knowing as little about them as their age and astrological sign. The more birth information you input, the more precise the answer will be.
  2. How any long-term, closely interacting relationship will turn out AFTER the new wears off.
  3. Your precise life-long compatibility with anyone 100% more accurately than by ANY love, relationship, or match making testing method or text report ever devised.
  4. How well you'd get along with anyone if you had to live with them forever under the same roof (or on a small deserted island) forever.... in other words, in any long-term closely interacting relationship).
  5. Exactly when (to the exact minute!) and where your most compatible people (i.e. true loves and soulmates) were born.

It is designed so that even a young child can definitively answer these questions with a button click and single glance at its numeric output:

The software eliminates:

The software's only input is date, time, and place of birth. Because no tests or quizzes are required, the answers are instantaneous.

Note: Extreme chemistry and compatibility = TRUE love. Extreme true love = soulmates. Everyone has a great many soulmates.... but they only have one "twin flame" (who may or may not be incarnated at this time).

Soulmate Predictor's math is far more accurate than even the best:

The facts are:

With a button click, Soulmate Predictor's ability to mathematically calculate your precise compatibility with EVERY possible birth date and birth time within a span of years debunks the myth that astrological sun signs of the same element (fire, earth, air, water) or certain sign are normally, or usually, most compatible with each other.

Determining true compatibility is FAR more complex than simply comparing sun signs. Any book, website, forum, blog, test or quiz or questionnaire spreading such compatibility myths are showing their lack of knowledge about how synastry actually works (at the most basic level).

It's a fact that any human's compatibility with all other humans changes with every 4 minute change in the other person's birth time (and to a lesser extent, every few miles of birth location). You could easily be very compatible with someone born at (for example) 01:34 AM.... but you might be very incompatible with them if they were born just (for example) 15 or 30 minutes earlier or later.

The only way to know this is by precise measurement.... and that's all that Soulmate Predictor is able to do. Every compatibility comparison requires thousands of complex calculations and cross-comparisons of personality factors (all computed to 12 decimal points).

It is a scientific fact that it is impossible for any method known to physics or psychology to be anywhere as close to Soulmate Predictor's speed or unerring precision at determining life-long personality compatibility.

There is no other possible way to measure and predict the exact AMOUNT of bonafide true love in a relationship.... or the potential to be each other's soulmate. Period.

Soulmate Predictor's advice:

  1. Allows you to know your mutual life-long chemistry and compatibility with:

    1. One person.

      This person could be a prospective dating partner, best friend, roommate, employee, or business partner. Find out how close your BFFs are to actually being your true Best Friends Forever.

    2. Every person within a group of people.

      Discover who you and your friends are most compatible with at your work, school, favorite night club, next convention, or other social gathering.

    3. The compatibility of all members in a group with each other (or all members of another group).

      For example you could test which of your favorite celebrities have the most life-long love and relationship compatibility with each other.

Love Psychic
  1. Allows you to know in advance, and without communicating or meeting, exactly how harmonious any type of closely interacting relationship (friendship, family, business, or romantic) will turn out to be – if it lasts long enough.

    Soulmate Predictor is the perfect companion for PlentyofFish.com (the world's largest dating site) because all of that site's profiles include the member's age and astrological sign.

    Soulmate Predictor's Most Compatible Dates feature advises you which birth dates and astrological signs are most compatible with your own birth date and time and place. Btw, an "astrological sign" is the same thing as a "zodiac sign" or "sun sign." The terms are interchangeable.

    Knowing your life-long chemistry and compatibility before deciding to communicate (much less meet) with other dating site members makes all future unpleasant first dates obsolete.

    This enables you to instantly know with absolute certainty if you should contact the other person.... or avoid them.

Love Map
  1. Allows you to know when and where your most (and your least) compatible partners were born.

    This knowledge transforms your search for your perfect partners from an impossible "finding a needle in a haystack" failure into something incredibly easier to actually accomplish. This exponentially increases your chances of actually FINDING and MEETING your TRUE loves or soulmates.

Easy to understand output allows you to quickly and directly quantify and compare the pros and cons of one relationship (or parts of a relationship) against those of another relationship(s).

Soulmate Predictor operates on a very complex math formula – it does NOT work on the principles of numerology or grandma's traditional astrology.

A math formula can only be as accurate as its input – therefore absolute, infallible accuracy can only be achieved by entering the complete and accurate birth information of both people being compared.

If only the age and astrological sign of the other person in the comparison is known, math can only provide a 24 hour range of compatibility. Even this wide range of possibilities is invaluable in basing important life decisions such as entering into (or remaining in) a long-term romantic relationship – and especially, marriage.

If the birth times of both people being compared is unknown, this degree of inaccuracy is multiplied. Yet the information is still reliable enough to make long-term relationship decisions based upon it. Please keep this in mind in case your own birth time is not known and you are purchasing this software for your own use.

If you don't know your birth time and it's not on your birth certificate, ask your mother. Most mothers remember their children's birth times (or reasonably close). Who knows – your father or other close older relative may even recall your birth time?

Operating system: Windows 95, 98, XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 8, Win 10, Win 11
Requirements: Internet connection to install (but not required after installation)

Priced to be easily affordable by everyone on the planet!

$39 until September 30, 2024

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